About Us
We are an Advertising Agency in Don Salvador Benedicto. Five years in this Little Bagio" capital of Negros has been a rewarding experience. We're always busy with new projects. People seem to come to us when they want to advertise their items. We help connect buyers and sellers by advertising. We do not broker any realestate transactions. All realestate transactions are between buyers, sellers and their legal representation. We charge a small advertising fee usually 3% to 10% of the item's selling price, payable when the item sells. No money down.  

This is a fast growing resort area with a new mayor and new improvements. You might want to visit as temperatures are cooler and the air is cleaner. Property prices are slowly increasing but there are still many bargains to be had.

Coming soon. Want to buy a motorbike car or truck? This is our Grand Opening March 2019. We're keeping our site local to eliminate spam ads and other annoyance listings.

Disclaimer: Prices and/or descriptions are subject to change without notice. All listings are presumed accurate, however, we cannot be held responsible for information provided by sellers. Also,we do not guarantee the functionality, performance or quality of any items listed, bought or sold through means of this website. Please inspect and make sure you are satisfied with any items that you purchase from sellers. Please inform us of any listing errors.